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, virginia and west virginia on sunday. more rain today. more storms possible. right now the satellite and radar composite, wait until you see the yellow and orange of heavy rain now leaving frederick county on top of mount airy. we take you to western howard county near lisbon, going through western howard county. if you're watching us in he eldersburg, westminster, taneytown and manchester you have pretty heavy rain. 83 stretch also going to be slow with the rain there. we're in the low 50s. we'll get to 66 with isolated thunderstorms erupting again this afternoon. we are at 5:32 on the clock. let's see what this is doing to the commute. >> speaking of 83, a lot of people are keeping speeds down as you make your way southbound. fortunately no real incidents at this time. baltimore city, russell street looking good off the bw parkway and headed on to russell street inbound towards downtown. a quick update on earlier crashes. route 178 at millersville road remains closed in both directions. in easton, st. michaels road closed at arcadia shores road. both crashes due to poles and wires
at old pimlico road. a water main break in baltimore at the city of virginia and only road and also an accident on woodlawn and security boulevard. >>> light rail northbound running about ten to 15 minutes late. and the mark train system, on time service on the penn lines. but trains 872 and 890 are ten minutes light. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. >>> we're 21 minutes from 7:00. and the president is going to set nasa's future up for us this afternoon. he wants to move them away from man space and commercializing space flight. >>> west virginia governor wants to shut down all coal mining tomorrow so they can review all safety measures. this after 29 miners died in west virginia. it is national -- holocaust remembrance week. this is video of a holocaust people bans day back in 2006 in northwest baltimore. >>> breaking news out of europe that involves air travel this nine countries. the volcano from iceland that has a lot of flights grounded in the renal gouge is straight -- ground in the region straight ahead. >>> more suspensions could be on the way after the beating of
grumman picked virginia over maryland as its new home for its global headquarters. in the "washington post" this morning one maryland lawmaker said that the state is more gay-friendly than virginia, trying to lure northrop grumman to our state. northrop wins awards for gay rights. virginia is about to land thousands of jobs. >>> 6:53. the u.s. supreme court announced yesterday it will hear arguments on whether states have the power to regulate violent video games. back in 2005 california law prohibiting the sale or rental of such games to minors never took effect because the industry immediately challenged its constitutionality, after winning two rounds from the lower courts. the entertainment software association is confident the highest court will side with them as well. >> it should be treated just like movies, music, books and other forms of media. that there's a first amendment constitutional protection to the great games that are made by our industry. >> the parents should be responsible for what their kids have especially when it's violent or anything other than pg-13. >> the gaming
s in southeast virginia. well, we cloudy skies that gave away to a few hours of clearing overnight. 45 in baltimore and warmer terms to the south. an indication of what will be pushed around the storm system. with low pressure in the mountains and it is pushing in slightly warmer air. that is in response to a southwest wind. the heavier rain is to the south. it will build into maryland towards late morning and early afternoon. the heaviest rain near annapolis, but south of 50, through southern maryland and virginia tech you are traveling 95 towards richmond, you will probably run into the heavier rain for today. from washington, d.c. through baltimore, light showers. that extends through pennsylvania. this is 2:00 in the afternoon and we will take you through 6:00 in the evening. wet yegg in baltimore, the heavier rain to the south will slow down travel for today and require the wipers on your car and probably a light rain jacket. now, the chance of rain diminishes overnight. the cloud line is pushing across. low pressure is wrapping around. the moisture on the back side. it is off
're wasting time. it's going to be a gorgeous day. yesterday 62 and sunshine, 77 in charleston, west virginia. and we start off with widespread 40s across the region. a few pockets. cross the northeast, 50 right now. this is the starting trend and -- starting point as we spring board to a nice day. we watch and shift our folk to us the next weather system, a frontal boundary draping its way across the upper northwest. a tremendous fireball caught in the night key from a sheriff's dashcam in minnesota in through wisconsin who saw this thing. and now they can see some benefits of lightning with the next approaching frontal boundary. that system is going to shift our winds. we go from west to southwest and it pumps up the warmer temperatures. we'll get a taste that have frontal boundary and hopefully no fireballs in our sky. today, nine and tomorrow but we'll finish with clouds and rain. this is the mason dixon line where it will hit about 4:00. most the energy is going to slide to the north. we'll take it and stop it at 9:00 p.m. on friday. and heavier showers, maybe storms back in through west
the temperatures. we're at 51 and 50 easton. 56 pax river in southeast virginia. they are in the 60s. in fact they will get sunshine and that is really going to erupt this storm system and really develop the possibility of some strong storms. again, like yesterday, there's also spin back here. more rain builds on top of our area as we head back towards the afternoon. watching the boundary itself lift to the north. it could lead to heavy rain. dc across the potomac, west and south of baltimore going through the afternoon ride. that ride through the beltway. we'll have more showers and storms extending through midnight. the good news, we try to push dry air off the coast as we head through mid-week. for today, 66 our 2-degree guarantee. look for periods of rain, possible flooding and some afternoon thunder mixed in. >>> here's kim brown with the commute. >> good morning. depending on where you are this monday morning commute could be a bit of a bear. we do have lots of heavy rain. as we peek at the jfx, what we're dealing with, significant backups on 83 here at northern parkway, with the probl
county, d.c., northern virginia. essentially we have the fog. the fog is a problem, it'll continue to be a problem for the morning ride. it'll be slow and get there in a hurry. you will not get where you want to go in a hurry. we break out the sun, 70 degrees. so we have something to look forward to. this morning it's all about the fog. let's go to the woman in charge. here's kim brown . >> we have a problem on the bw parkway. traveling southbound 295, good hope road, there's a crash blocking all lanes at this time. i'll get more details and let you know. as we take a peek at our drive times, pretty much in the green. people are reducing your speed. northbound 95, ten minutes from route 100, up to 395. 11-minute ride down to route 32. if you're traveling on the west side of the outer loop, seven minutes from 70 to 95. baltimore city, we're still working a couple events. we do have a truck fire, south highland avenue at boston street, over in randalstown, crash reported kings point road, eastbound at marriottsville road. sherrie johnson standing by with details on one of this mornin
mine, will arrive today, at the scene of west virginia mining disaster, a tweak the day after an explosion claimed 29 lives, yesterday people gathered in churches to mourn the get r dead approximate honor their profession. >> -- [inaudible]. hell bound, this is the church at it again, in charleston, west virginia they claim the mine deaths happened because god is angry with america because it alouse gays and gays and lesbian, one man was arrested for spitting on the church members. >>> the long time home of the dallas cowboys is just a memory, after six months of planning it only took seconds to turn it into concrete and twisted metal. the cowboys moved from the stadium to arlington after the 2008 season. clean up expected to take until july. >>> more than 300 signs have been spotted from new york and miami to san diego and at first glance they look official but messages both amewsing and a little absurd. you saw one, it proclaims you are not cool. or this sign sprodding up outside of a fast food restaurant. this double crossing appears from a major bank. see it at the work o
, abc2 news. >>> 6:33. all new this morning we've just learned that all the dead west virginia miners were recovered from the mine. the bodies are seven victims were recovered shortly after the explosion last week and 13 bodies were removed on sunday. with the removal of the bodies the state and federal investigation can now begin to study conditions inside the upper big branch south mine. >>> russia's government is threatening to stop all adoptions by united states couples. this comes after a tennessee woman decided she should no longer keep the boy that she adopted. the 7-year-old was returned to his native country last week, sent alone on a 10-hour flight with nothing but a note pinned to his backpack. his adoptive mother, torry hansen wrote he was violent with severe psychotic issues. in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos, the russian children's rights minister denied the adoptive mother's claims. in tennessee there's outrage as well. >> if i as a parent had put my 7-year-old on a plane and sent him to seattle with a note for somebody to take him to an orphanage wou
be annapolis and southbound. draw a line on 50 and push it down through virginia. we will have ourselves a brisk and rather moist flow that is keeping us cloudy, cool and wet. the heavier stuff, again, annapolis and southbound. a light jacket would be in order. a storm pushing off of the coast and clearing skies. but the next weather system more rain and cool weather. downtown baltimore we get to 62 this afternoon. but outside of the beltway it is going to be cooler. check out the forecast for north and west. baltimore county at 59 degrees. and 58 degrees in west minister. kim? >>> we do have reports of a disabled vehicle blocking one of the toll lanes. traffic is able to get around that without problems, but we have sluggish and slow volume that you make your way around. this does start to slow about heartful record. it is causing a slow down. as we look around more, volume is going to be our biggest slow down this morning. 83 is not bad. that's going to take you about 7 minutes on the top side. looking good on the jfx as you make your way southbound. we have the right lane blocked the
-atlantic. in baltimore. 50s allatoona. 60s charleston west virginia. clouds beginning to approach. we expect to have a mostly sunny morning. winds pick up ahead of this frontal system. the frontal system responsible for producing storms in chicago. by the way, hail yesterday, just near in milwaukee and madison. they got snow this morning. what an impressive frontal boundary. we surge the wind out of the south and pump in more heat today. it'll be warm, not hot with temperatures in the 80s. there's our front lining up in western sections of ohio. dayton getting thunderstorms right now. pushing through central kentucky, western sections of tennessee. huntsville, alabama getting strong to severe storms. cool air that followed behind it, will build in by tomorrow morning. 4:00 through the afternoon. we expect this line of rain hitting pittsburgh, pennsylvania and charleston west virginia and probably just passing atlanta, georgia by that time. we expect to stay dry. chance of showers building in after 4:00 to 6:00 to 8:00. kids have practice or a game. take the umbrella and keep the ear attentive. there
explosion in west virginia that killed 29 men. federal investigators are trying to piece together what caused the worst u.s. coal mining disaster since 1970. >> and long night for state lawmakers, they resolve two high-profile measures cracking down on sex offenders before late-night ending. and longer sentences for sex offenders. and a bill-signing ceremony will be in annapolis later this morning. >>> 5:55. here's some of the other stories happening today. more than 125 baltimore county students will become leaders for a day by simulating the u.s. congress. also, the state comptroller will open returns as the tax deadline quickly approaches. the 2010 census road tour comes to baltimore. >>> and we had franchot yesterday here. opening up a letter and it was a return -- what was it, disiewrn 7 million? -- $7 million? personal check? >> i cannot magic. >> i can't. >> started with a report. >> fueled by a comment. >> if he's not prepared to embrace the truth - >> the massachusetts priest speaking out in the remark by a vatican official that has escalated the sex abuse allegations involvi
. >>> the daughter of one of the 29 men killed in west virginia of the coal mine explosion says the owner massey energy is offering each family $3 million. massey says accepting wouldn't bar families from taking legal action. the month's explosion is the worst coal mining disaster in 40 years. >>> traffic was tied up on a busy chicago expressway after a dog took a stroll. after 30 minutes, the dog exited the highway and took a swim before disappearing into a forest. >>> coming up next, we have an important tax vote today. >> it could help you pay more when you drink. >> why baltimore's mayor wants to raise the taxes on baltimore's beverages in the city. >>> that massive oil spill is threatening marine life and why the military may be brought in to help. >>> police had to evacuate another neighborhood in aberdeen. what woman thought she found. >>> hundreds of cribs are being recalled. what dangers are they posing to your babies? >>> this is your news to go. it's 6:42. >> we go to louisiana for a live report in a minute. this is just horrible. we're talking about our shrimp, our crabs and se
stuck in the 40s yesterday. most of the mid-atlantic again 50s to 60s in southeast virginia, but this morning we are down to about 40 in baltimore. we've got some 30s on the west side and we've got ourselves a clear sky and maybe some patchy frost this morning. a lot of attention for fellow runners up toward new england because the big boston maryland and patriots day. under the influence of a strong storm in the north atlantic that has kept most of the mid-atlantic very chilly. those winds could carry some showers for them and a cold wind for race time. that's going to carry some of those clouds down south. clouds could try to build into baltimore and north eastern maryland by 4:00 this afternoon. we get a shift of the wind and it could feel cooler late in the day. we'll have a dry, mild day tomorrow before the rain tries to race in here by wednesday. for today enjoy the sun. mid to late afternoon clouds and a guaranteed high of 64. clearing out tonight, not as chilly and tomorrow we begin a little improvement. we'll get back with a partly cloudy sky and a high of 68. >>> h
the freezing mark. it's a chilly start. dulles 37. baltimore 37 and 38 from win chester virginia. charlottesville colder. south of us. last hour or so, frost advisory through 9:00 a.m. if you didn't bring the plants in already, i think you're fine. just realize there may be a few nips of frost on some of those leaves. satellite radar view all clear right now across the state. crystal clear. not a cloud anywhere in the central east coast. chilly weather pattern. big lull offshore. keeping a bit of a northerly wind pattern. big changes coming. much warmer air building across the midsection of the country. we're back up to 70. finally back up to seasonably levels. the forecast model keeps us clear tonight. lots of sunshine, terrific-looking friday up around 80. slight chance of a couple showers over the weekend. warmer each day. i don't think we have a frost concern. leave the plants outside. 80 tomorrow, mostly sunny. your 7-day forecast, the trend here is a major warm-up. 82 friday. 87 saturday. pushing 90 on sunday and it looks dry right now, at least for good old cinco de mayo.
virginia. i expect showers trying to develop through the afternoon. increasing overnight 2:00 a.m. sunday through sunrise and then uh, yes, sunday morning, we'll have ourselves pretty heavy rain to wake up with. for today, we're in decent shape. 71 degrees. we turn partly cloudy during the afternoon. we'll settle back down with clouds at 50. tomorrow for the shred it event, we should be fine. it'll be a cooler day near 60. let's check on the roads with kim brown. >> both of those earlier crashes that we had in baltimore city have already been cleared away. that is good news. that leaves us, for the most part incident-free this morning. still dealing with very light to moderate volume. got everything in the green. harbor tunnel thruway from the 95 split to 295. on the outer loop at i-70 to 95, that will take you six minutes as well. you'll see traffic moving at speed and above speed. places on the west side of the beltway, liberty road. baltimore national pike. 695 is looking good. stay with us, we have more news, weather and traffic when good morning maryland returns after this. >>> at 5:
virginia beach through the carolinas as we head through tomorrow but that is going to be a southern storm system just missing us. however, things aren't all clear for the next two days into the weekend though it does get better. we do clear out as we head through this evening which means the yankees and orioles should get off without a hitch. as we head through tomorrow morning dry start. look at the clouds try to build midday. this is the influence of the cool air coming off the great lakes, the leftover moisture ground and april sunshine building back up cloud cover, we won't stay clear for tomorrow, holding temperatures below normal in the mid-60s. we feeble get high pressure in control, that means sunny thursday and friday. we'll build in more moisture and maybe typical spring showers over the weekend but by then summerlike heat building back in. 62, below normal and early morning drizzle and fog give way to clearing. again, some breaks of sun this afternoon. for tonight we'll clear back out and cool down to 40 where there could be patchy fog towards daybreak. tomorrow look for a high
killed in west virginia. the president will deliver a eulogy on sunday. vice president joe biden will also attend the service. >>> he's the target of a lot of opposition. >> the political fund raiser that president obama attended and the momentum he hoped to gan. >> also she grew up in baltimore county. this morning acadny award winner monique is revealing new details about traumatic experiences as a child. >> and known for speaking her mind, but it's the donation from her body that's getting attention here this morning. >>> we'll try to get some attention from the sun the warmer side of this chilly morning. up to mid 60s but rain showers at least by late wednesday. after that a couple of warm dry days by the end of the week. quick peek at the roads with troy. >> we look at the roads, 695 and liberty road looking good on the outer loop of the beltway. no real problems on the topside as well. late clearing construction crews are jamming up traffic and 695 as we look at the maps you can see where that issue is and here are your drive times this morning. 695 outer loop, the 1-minute
were damaged by the falling debris. >>> take a look at this. a fire in norfolk virginia that we told you about on good morning maryland yesterday. crews rescued two people. no reports of injuries. no word on what caused the fire. >>> today the national coalition of latino clergy and christian leaders plan to file a lawsuit in phoenix. other hispanic and civil rights groups are planning lawsuits to be filed today. >>> these days you have to keep your eyes on your children, no doubt, at all times. >> how a father's life changed in an instant after what two crooks decided to do at the atm. >> we need to find out whether or not this is something that looks bad or is bad. >> the police officer who is more concerned about getting zzzz in and why he dozed off. >> i'm up and at the gym before he goes to work. >> this week's brickover challenge. >> temperature-wise this morning, it is a big chill across the state. around 40 degrees. many spots in the 30s. winds are light but it's still going to be a very cool start out there under a very clear sky. sunshine later warming up. wales have all th
veteran was shot picking up food on his way to work. >>> the recovery of bodies from a west virginia mine has been halted because of high gas readings. federal investigators are expected to arrive today to determine what caused the explosion, that killed those 29 miner. >> >> today the president's nuclear security summit begins in washington more than 40 world leaders are expected to attend this event. >>> pain at the pump to tell you about nationwide, the arch price has gone up nearly $0.04 a gallon, over the past three weeks, it is now averaging to $2.85 a gal gallon, exam experts say prices likely are going to continue to rise throughout the summer driving season. >>> all right. listen while we are on the subject of money, last week we toll you spirit airlines wants to charge you for your carry on, as much as $45 for each bag, but now senator charles shusmer says he is going to urge. >>> passengers have hit a breaking point ton fees that are being imposed, month after month, and year after year. it seems every time you buy an airline ticket there's something new you are being charged f
, teams in west virginia have resumed a hunt for four miners missing after monday's explosion. the hope is they might still be alive in a safe chamber, but most agree it doesn't look good. >>> experts are calling this the worst allergy season they've seen in years. one allergy specialist says it's wicked bad. she's overwhelmed with patients. problems extend from florida to texas to colorado to the southeast where oak trees are the culprit. wicked bad. >>> dash cam video on police cruisers catch illegal acts all the time. don't try turning the cameras on law enforcement. >> get off the motorcycle, state police. >>> well this man got a lot more than a speeding ticket when he decided to capture his daring ride on tape. >>> plus: if the bus driver tells you to sit down, you better do it. what happened to one man riding public transportation. >>> life is back at camden yards today. first pitch 3:05. temperatures back to near 60 degrees. rain gets out of here early. this weekend, fantastic. baseball weather. saturday afternoon, near 72 on sunday. let's check the roads right now with kim. >> t
. >>> rescue teams have headed back into west virginia mines to look for four miners missing since an explosion killed 25. officials say they are also using a pump to pump in nitrogen to flush out dangerous gasses. they hope the men made it to one of the rescue chambers in the mine. >>> television producer bruce redman has been detained after his wife's body was found in a sewer at the moon palace resort in cancun. he was producer of the cbs show survivor and was on vacation with his family at the resort. witnesses reported they saw the couple arguing before she disappeared. >> good guy, good heart. everybody's just praying for the best. >>> prayer's worked again. a man who's boat sank off the coast of florida swam 12 miles. he was found on the beach days after he was reported missing. he thinks what he on the beach for a few hours before he was found. >> 12 miles! >> amazing. >> reporter: be sure to bring your appetite with you. all the new food you'll find at the yard this year, i promise you'll not be disappointed. >>> catch up with your best friend when you drive to the grocery store anymor
-up. >> at this hour, those six teams are inside a mine in mont coal west virginia looking for four miners. 25 other miners were killed monday when methane gas mixed with coal dust exploded during a shift change. rescuers had to wait to re-enter until the poisonous gas levels had dropped. >>> international news right now: statewide news reports, 12 people died in a flooded mine in northern china. rescuers are pumping water out to find more survivors. same mine where 115 men were rescued earlier this week. they've been trapped for eight days. >>> little over an hour ago, the president arrived in prague. both presidents will sign a treaty to shrink the nuclear warhead arsenal. >>> in switzerland you won't get charged $45 for a flight. a swiss aviation team finished its first flight with a solar powered plane. after takeoff, the solar impulse touched down over switzerland. the wing span is the same as a boeing 737. weighs no more than a small car. less than 2,000 pounds. >>> good morning, 71 degrees right now. already well above normal. by nine notches on the thermometer. 8th day of april should bring
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